WIA Profile: Diane Duke

Stephen Yagielowicz

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What did you do for a living prior to coming on board as the executive director of the FSC?

FSC was involved in blocking the .XXX top-level domain

I have worked with non-profits for almost 25 years including the American Heart Association and the YMCA. Before coming to FSC, I served as senior vice president for Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon for 12 years, where I was responsible for the oversight of board development, public affairs, fundraising, marketing and media relations, budget development and strategic planning.

In your opinion, what are the top three priorities/issues for the FSC as 2008 unfolds?

(1) Continue to organize the industry and our consumers in order to impact the legislative process in local communities, statewide and nationally, preventing anti-adult industry legislation and regulations; (2) strategically combat 2257 with the goal of completely striking it down as unconstitutional or restructuring it to a reasonable level of compliance; and (3) provide resources for FSC members and the industry to address the issue of piracy.

Most people in the industry know about the litigating that FSC has done, especially its challenge to 2257; what are some activities the FSC undertakes that people might not be so aware of?

FSC was involved in blocking the .XXX top-level domain submitted to ICANN by Stuart Lawley and ICM. FSC, in coalition with others, launched a public comment campaign to provide input on the dangers of a .XXX TLD. FSC then sent two representatives to Portugal to lobby ICAAN Board members prior to the critical. FSC spoke on behalf of the industry and we were victorious. For the first time in history, at our October event, a presidential candidate addressed the adult industry; we partnered with Lockton, the world's largest privately held insurance brokerage, to provide members with health, worker's comp and property and casualty insurance; we are now providing software discounts to our members; and FSC lobbies at the nation's capital and in Sacramento, Calif.

If you could snap your fingers and change any one thing about the adult entertainment industry, what would you change?

If I could change one thing, it would be to have the industry come out of the closet, stand up for itself and take pride in being the vital upstanding industry that it is.


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