Body Banner by Big D

Tom Hymes
Big D of Bangin3D.com is at it again. This time he thinks he's the Illustrated Man, or rather, the Illustrated Banner Man.

He just posted up a thread on GFY offering up his right arm as a banner spot for some edgy flesh-loving marketer, or marketers — it's a big arm. (see photo of his left arm)

Some respondents to the post think that at $10 a centimeter he's selling tat spots too cheaply, but I'm not sure how one calculates the value of something that never existed before.

Actually, now that I think about it, as the test case he probably should err on the high side. But it's his arm. This is very subjective territory.

Will it catch on? Like reality porn and tube sites, will body advertising sweep the industry?

Big D says there is already interest. I don't doubt it. Who wouldn't want to own a piece of Big D?!