Sophia Santi Interview

Gram Ponante
I spoke with Digital Playground founder Samantha Lewis and the company's newest contract persona, Sophia Santi.

The way one usually talks with a DP functionary is with someone else listening in, like Mary Hatch's mother in It's A Wonderful Life, so I was not surprised when Sam quashed all my attempts to ask Sophia about soybeans and getting in on the ground floor of the new plastics industry from right here in Bedford Falls.

GP: Samantha, I always liked the webcast DP Tonight. It was where I first met Kiki D'aire, Self-Hating Lew, Penthouse Pet Sam Phillips, Jesse Jane, and that couch. When will it return?
SL: We're revamping it now. When Joone is through editing Pirates in the fall, that is going to be his main priority. We want to up the professionalism of the show.
GP: But I liked the couch. I thought it had a nice, homey, musty feel to it.
SL: Well, we're looking for a new space that will accommodate a bigger studio.
GP: What will the new format be like?
SL: We'll probably do them every two weeks, and have the contract stars rotate hosting duties.

Samantha proceeded to tell me how great Sophia was, how beautiful, kind, thrifty, clean, and reverent. I believed everything I heard.  Why would she lie? I thought.

Sophia Santi is 23 and, as an excellent article in XBiz pointed out, Canadian. But I decided to probe deeper.

GP: Sophia, where are you from, exactly, in Canadia?
SS: Winnipeg, but I moved to Vancouver. I moved to Arizona when I was 18
GP: How long have you been Sophia Santi?
SS: For about two weeks. I was Natalia Cruze for (Digital Playground's) Posh Kitten and Jack's Playground 32, but I signed a contract with them in between Posh and Jack's, so when the movies are released I'll be credited as Sophia Santi.

Santi joined the business from Vancouver in 2002 and then moved to LA with her manager. She made the cover of Penthouse that year and was runner-up for Pet of the Year in 2005. Lewis said that part of Santi's promotions will be cross-pollenated with Penthouse.

GP: Have you met all the other contract superstars like (I  am) Teagan Presley, Devon, Jesse Jane, and Janine?
SS: I've only met Jesse Jane. She's super nice.
GP: Do you know that she's had people ki - ? Ah forget it.
SS: What?
GP: Did you have a big introductory pillow fight with all the other girls?
SS: Not yet - but do you want to come?
GP: Yes. I shall be the Pillowfight Coordinator. Tell me about your contract. How long is it?
SS: I signed a non-disclosure agreement, so I can't really talk about it. It's for quite a bit of time.

Digital Playground publicist Adella had said earlier that it was unknown whether Santi would be exclusively shooting girl/girl scenes. The porn progression usually goes like this: I won't do men, (all right I'll do men), I won't do interracial men (all right I'll do interracial men), I won't do anal (Hey this isn't bad Gram), I won't marry the guy who runs your affiliate program.

GP: I am a man. Will you do scenes with men?
SS: Yes, but I love women. I'll do anything these people tell me.
GP: Don't say that too loud.
SS: Seriously, I'm a very independent person, but I like structure. So whatever they ask me to do ...
GP: "Wow." What do you get up to when you're not being a hot porn chick professionally?
SS: I like reading. I will read the cereal box at breakfast if there's nothing else. And I like natural medicine.
GP: When your DP contract expires when you are fifty or sixty, can you imagine traveling around the country talking about sex-positive issues, ala Nina Hartley and Annie Sprinkle?
SS: I would like to have my doctorate in natural medicine -

Santi's phone goes out. I call back and Samantha tells me that Sophia Santi is beautiful, charming, and sexy.

GP: Adella told me that you're an all Macintosh house there at Digital Playground.
SL: Well, we have one web designer on a PC waiting for Macs to go Intel, and our accounting department is on a PC, but we're mostly Macs.
GP: This has nothing to do with anything.
SL: Sophia Santi is lovely.

Digital Playground will be building a site for Sophia, who arrived at her name after a brainstorming session with Samantha and Joone.

GP: What about your old life as Natalia Cruze? What about your websites?
SS: Those are not my websites. I never made a cent from them. Someone just took my name and made money from it.

Adella had said earlier that Sophia owns the name Sophia Santi, which is trademarked.

GP: Do you believe that shooting porn can coexist with your philosophies of natural healing?
SS: Totally. The Ayurvedic teachings and Tantric teachings let us know the body is beautiful and that communicating that way is good.
GP: Is Digital Playground going to buy you a Hummer 2?
SS: I'd rather have an S-Class.

Sophia has been a fan of Janine for several years, and it will be with Janine that she will shoot her first feature as Sophia Santi next month. The project is as-yet-untitled. Janine is the other DP star with a tattoo. Santi herself has a dragon on her back.

GP: It's a leap for Digital Playground to hire tattoo girls. That is a bad-ass dragon.
SS: I'm trying to look badder than I am.
GP: But when you did car shows and Telemundo events -
SS: All the Mexican guys loved me.
GP: Have Sam and Joone showed you Contract Star yet?
SS: No.
GP: You'll like it. Here is a limerick I have composed for this occasion:

While making a wad of your panty
I said thus to Sophia Santi:
"You might as well lose
The Natalia Cruze
And just become Mrs. Ponante."

SS: I need to go.

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