I Find Faltoyano in Everything

Gram Ponante
Rita Faltoyano becomes the 13th star (aside from George Lazenby) of Digital Sin's interactive  My Plaything series. As a fellow Hungarian (Ponante is Magyar for small crisp cakes set out to dry in the sun), I know the tremendous obstacles Rita must have faced in securing her spot in the hearts and minds of the porn-consuming public. I guess that would be "spots".

Here is what her press release had to say as it blew the first trumpet signalling the end of the world from atop a hip Hollywood sarcophagus.

“I love being naked, having sex and pleasing a man,” proudly stated the popular girl as she spread completely naked on a bed posing for photos for a popular men’s magazine.

You read it here first: to get Rita Faltoyano, first a brother needs a bed.