Cam Sites and Direct Debit

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Cam Sites and the Webbilling Direct Debit Platform

In our ongoing discussions with Cam Site Owners interested in expanding their European penetration and access to EU surfers and webmasters, we have received considerable feedback regarding opportunity cost, security and profitability. Program owners’ concerns are justified, as the European and North American markets are very different, and success in Europe starts with understanding the culture, habits and expectations of the individual markets within greater Europe.

Owner Fears:

  • Higher payment costs than credit cards (Discount Rate and Transaction Fees).
  • Higher charge back levels.
  • Resulting in less money to pay out to models/webmasters.
  • Resulting in charge back fees [but no real limits or fines].
  • We already have credit cards for Europe, why would we need anything else?

Cam Site Owners’ Reassurance:

  • European Direct Debit is an addition to your existing payment methods. Your current solutions should all stay in place; with European Direct Debit there is no cannibalization of your existing billing revenue streams.
  • Discount rates are competitive with credit card rates, and even if slightly higher would only apply to the "found money" - new revenue. Keep your existing billing - just add an additional payment opportunity for your users.
  • European Direct Debit is not considered "Alternative Billing" in Europe; but the preferred primary payment choice.
  • Webbilling.com also offers push Direct Payment, which is 100% charge-back-free. But Direct Payment is not recurring and involves more action from the users as a push payment. While not as effective as pull direct debit, Direct Payment is one more option for the rest of Europe where a physical signature is still required for debits.

Individual Risk Management

Webbilling.com can limit the risk to a minimum - almost to zero.Choose your comfort level.

  • Scenario 1: PINCall: with or without further personal spending limits as described below. In addition to all other fraud checks, in the join application the user must provide a phone number where he receives a real-time pin call in his language which he enters on the join form. In many cases this is sufficient for the collection department to successfully recover any charge backs.
  • Scenario 2: SecurePIN: with or without further personal spending limits. The user must prove access to the bank account entered by retrieving the PIN from within his bank account.

    Very low initial personal spending limits, which will be extended after the user shows he is willing and able to pay. Example: a new user can spend 40EUR in the first four days, 70EUR in the first seven days, OR he can send official documents (bank account statement, passport...) proving his legitimacy. The Individual Merchant can use our flexible system to experiment and perfect their process, depending on their individual comfort level. We can also implement a spending limit for "older" established users, which is again individual to the Merchant. Example: 100EUR per day, but not more than 300EUR per week for "normal" users; 300EUR per day but not more than 1000EUR per week for users who have sent in official documents. Webbilling.com is TOTALLY flexible and more than happy to define an individual strategy for every merchant in consultation with risk management. Of course this would all be in addition to the merchant’s own risk management structure and strategies.
  • Not only extensive risk management but also extensive fraud checks.
  • The Merchant can own all the user data.
  • Following One-click-buys.

Additional Benefits to adding Webbilling.com EU Direct Debit:

  • More webmasters with European traffic will send traffic.
  • Your existing webmasters will produce and earn more revenue.
  • Your models will earn more, as there are more potential customers.
  • You don´t leave 77% of potential European revenue on the table.
  • Expect European revenue breakdown to approximate 80% EDD, 15% CC, and 5% miscellaneous.
  • The USD/EUR exchange rate is + 1.50.
  • Aggressive proprietary collection services on all charge backs with unparalleled recovery ratios.
  • No EU business entity, merchant, or bank account is required to access the Webbilling.com billing platform.

Definitive stats admin and competitive rates.

WEBBILLING B.V. is a leading provider of real EU Direct Debit services to e-commerce companies worldwide. Webbilling provides real direct debit solutions for Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, and the UK. With a negative database developed over ten years, superior fraud detection and established collection services, Webbilling has the experience to maximize your revenues, and the expertise to guide you to the best EU conversion rates possible. For more information, Just mail me. Your only risk is more revenue!

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