WIA Profile: Hethalein Mares

Stephen Yagielowicz

Each month, industry news media organization XBIZ spotlights the career accomplishments and outstanding contributions of Women in Adult. WIA profiles offer an intimate look at the professional lives of the industry's most influential female executives.

What is your role and responsibility at Wicked Pictures?

The biggest challenge for me has been being heard and taken seriously at times.

I'm the company publicist. I am in charge of all-around promotion of the company, establishing and maintaining strong positive relationships between Wicked and the press to ensure that the Wicked brand receives exposure in all sectors of the media. There's quite a bit more that I do of course but that is the straight-to-the chase explanation.

What are your goals for Wicked Pictures in 2008?

My goals for 2008 are acquiring more international media exposure, gaining more mainstream branding opportunities for Wicked and winning overall marketing at the AVN awards this year.

Describe a typical Monday at your desk.

A "typical" Monday doesn't exist for a publicist as each day is always different. What I love most about my job is that each day is never the same. The only thing typical about all Mondays for me is that it's usually one of my busiest days of the week. Friday is the second busiest. My days often consist of sorting through and answering an insane amount of emails, pitching press via email and phone, Internet research — to search for brand exposure, reviews, articles on our company or stars, setting up interviews and press opportunities, following up on press requests, coordinating press set visits, pulling title visuals, keeping track of and balancing our contract girls schedules, coordinating movie release parties/events and eating lunch somewhere in between — sometimes.

What is the biggest challenge of being a woman in the adult entertainment industry?

The biggest challenge for me has been being heard and taken seriously at times. Another challenge for me has been that sometimes when people find out that I am a woman working in this industry, they often assume that I will be easy to pull one over on. It definitely takes some extra effort to get people out of that with mindset. But I've found that if I speak to everyone that I deal with respect, a positive attitude and professionalism, that is what I get in return. I've also found that as a woman in this business, believing in yourself, sticking to your guns, embracing the fact that a smile goes a long way and not stressing about the little things are important points to live by.

How do you maintain balance in your life?

I maintain balance at work by constantly keeping myself in check — keeping a weekly to-do list, which I am strict on myself about sticking to. I also take a few minutes every day to write down the things I am thankful for and to reflect on everything great about my job and my life. Also important in maintaining balance for me has been to keep my work and home life separate as much as possible, which has been the key to my happiness in my personal life and in my career. It doesn't hurt either that my kids and spouse have this magical way of always snapping me back to reality after a long day's work — they're the ones I credit the most for keeping me grounded.