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Joe D
Make This Your Best Show Ever

Sherri, Gary and Gervaise have really been focused on creating a varied Phoenix Forum seminar line-up encompassing the broadest industry appeal while enabling the greatest possible participation levels. With a little nudge from my friend Harlan I will be participating in two areas I really love, marketing and media and multi-national e-commerce.

On Saturday from 10-11am, I’ll be with Alec, Monty, Greg and Connor to discuss The Inside Scoop - A Media Perspective – which should obviously appeal to anyone with a business or themselves to promote – which is every attendee…There is a consolidation going on in the online media outlets just as we saw with programs in the past, and the effective use of marketing dollars is always a prime budgeting concern for sponsors. I expect we’ll cover traditional advertising, unpaid exposure, tradeshows, media access, shameless self-promotion, marketing expertise, blogs and forums, Internet radio, and the use of social networking models.

I hate the expression “pet peeve,” so I’ll be distributing a scholarly eight page guide at the seminar on press release creation, utilization and distribution, Compliments of Webbilling.com. In my many years as a media editor, press releases were the bane of my existence, and they are probably the most inadequately utilized form of free press exposure in existence because they're not properly produced. So attend this seminar, and learn how to capitalize on the power of the media and harness it for yourself!

Again on Saturday from 1-2:30pm, I will join a distinguished group to discuss international markets, opportunities and expansion at Championing International Markets – An International Perspective. I have always loved everything European, and since attending the first Eurowebtainment in Berlin in 2001 have made the EU markets a recurring focus in my professional life and the dissemination of information concerning these markets to all of you a constant endeavor. Opportunity in the EU and Asia has never been greater and anticipating and innovating to capture emerging opportunities will position you well ahead of the competition for the foreseeable future. Opportunities in both adult and mainstream e-commerce, niche marketing, computer and mobile access, billing and fulfillment, and all the services supporting everything we access online are still growing at unprecedented rates. Many forget to consider that the combined European population is significantly greater than that of the US and the EU economies are quite strong and should remain so. Considering the potential of the Asian continental markets of course leaves us awestruck, and we constantly brainstorm on strategies to overcome the barriers – both to entry and access – presented in these regions. Join us for what should prove to be a thought provoking discussion and let’s plot a personal course for international expansion throughout 2008!

I’ve published countless articles by now on maximizing tradeshow ROI and I hope you are utilizing the tried and true methods as we all head out to Phoenix for our favorite show. One important principle which never gets enough emphasis IMHO is attendee contribution. At what level do you personally participate? Every show I attend is successful for me and I never cease to marvel at the people lamenting their attendance at an unproductive event and expostulating ad nauseum on the boards regarding their disappointment in a particular effort or complaints on the overabundance of events in general. Each of us is expected to significantly contribute while we are in attendance – that is essential for the maximization of returns for everyone – and few events offer a venue so conducive to networking –

What venue is better than the courtyard at the Mission Palms? Actually, there is only one, and that is the pool bar at the Island Gathering, but that is another blog post in October ;-)

Introduce yourself to everyone in the courtyard at The Phoenix Forum that you don’t already know! Arise early and strike up conversations at the breakfast/snack bar! That's where I spoke with Alec Helmy the first time - ask him about it, we've been friends ever since. Only sit at a table where you don’t know anyone! Maintain Decorum! Set up meetings! Ask CCBill staff and Media Team members for help with introductions! Or ask my buddy Mike B – he can talk to anyone! Write notes on cards! Look in the show bag when you receive it and use the materials inside! News Flash: CCBill includes marketing aids in the TPF bags. Commit to doing your part to make this the best Forum ever, for everyone.

Webbilling co-founder and senior partner Michael Reul and I will be hosting individual meetings for anyone who would like to add a significant additional stream to their existing EU revenue. If you do not offer our pull direct debit platform to your German, Austrian, Dutch, Spanish and UK users you are potentially missing up to 75% of your gross billing capability. ‘Think you don’t have EU traffic? If you cannot bill utilizing the preferred primary method you will never reach your potential EU market penetration. Find me at The Phoenix Forum, and I will show you that implementation is easier and less expensive than you think. Just mail me or ICQ 377-592-518 – to schedule a meeting. Your only risk is more revenue!

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