Webbilling.com at Phoenix Forum

Joe D

The Webbilling Team will arrive in Phoenix on March 26th for the best large networking show in the industry! Europeans billing Europe. Client Merchants choosing to participate in the current strength of both the Euro and the British Pound may wish to speak with us at the show for more information on implementation of this pull direct debit program for Germany, Austria, Spain, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

We can help you with your online virtual sales in all our regions as well as online hard good sales for those of you with EU distribution networks. Use us with all your current billing mechanisms – we provide the primary preferred billing method for our regions and do not cannibalize any of your current revenue streams – we bring you additional revenue.

Implement us in NATS and MPA3 or in your own proprietary management system. If you want the ultimate control, implement us on your own join page – all Webbilling.com join pages can be customized with your own translated text and exclusive graphics.

Take the motivating content right through to the join button!

You won’t be able to miss us at the show, and see us at the Championing International Markets Seminar on Saturday, 1 - 2:30, in the Palm Ballroom.

For more information and to schedule a meeting, visit Webbilling.com and mail JoeD at: marketing@webbilling.com or ICQ 377-592-518 – Your only risk is more revenue!