Kudos to KidZui

Tom Hymes
Yes, kudos and best of luck to KidZui, the latest attempt to create a safe place and a great experience for kids on the Internet.

The way they are going about it seems very thoughtful and pragmatic, and I hope corporations and vendors of all types and sizes jump on the bandwagon and help promote and sponsor this venture. It needs to succeed without becoming a marketing and advertising nightmare.

To be honest, I also want it to succeed so that those naysayers who have condemned the idea of a kids.com over the years get to eat their words, especially the delirious folk behind the .XXX idea.

Enough of these money-making schemes disguised as methods to protect kids. If parents only knew how dishonest most of those claims are, they would rise up in international protest. Well, maybe KidZui is one way they are doing just that.

So here's to the success to KidZui, and to any and all projects taking concept to fruition that actually bring honesty and rationality to the task of providing a safe online experience for our kids.

I am downloading KidZui for my 4-year-old today, by the way, and will report back on how he likes it.