Locked Out of Global Revenue?

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Why Should You Translate Your Site Now?

Recently I spoke with Omar Rodriquez, the Executive Vice President of Revshare Hosting, and also Co-founder and President of Globally Translated, LLC, one of the premier multi-language translation companies specializing in assisting adult sponsor programs and webmasters in translating their sites. He told me, “One major consideration on your road to worldwide appeal is site translation, and at the very least pre-join and join page translations - in order to target customers in new geographic areas while utilizing existing sites and content.” Companies including GloballyTranslated.com have the ability to target International surfers in general, and European surfers in particular, in the languages and regional dialects best suited to inspire conversion.

With the Euro continuing to climb against the US dollar [EUR/US$ 1.5782] it is amazing to me that some people still have resistance toward adopting EU billing solutions and continue to forego the amazing revenue and profit potential presented in the current global economic picture. With the European market booming, some savvy website owners are seeking to participate in this opportunity and add direct debit and cater to more countries and regions in their national languages and even local dialects. If you are not yet doing this yourself, and considering doing more business in the Euro and Pound chief among others, then you are missing a tremendous opportunity to monetize your content and sites – and why, when it is such a relatively easy process? I know there is a trade-off with programming time and momentum, but analyze the opportunity cost…See the USD vs the EUR below:

Euro Conversion

Why translate my sites, you may ask? Well, Omar is glad you did ask! There are many reasons to do this, but he focused on the three most important considerations during our discussion:
  • Language barriers: “Although English, to “most” Internet entrepreneurs, is considered the “international language,” or the “language of the Web,” the truth of the matter is that while English has long been the dominant language, its certainly naïve to think that English is the ONLY language. With so many different countries, regions, dialects and currencies, it is foolish to think, or to assume, that there is only one universal language used for communication, online or anywhere else."

  • Traffic and Conversions: “While I can’t speak for the results other translation companies may see, our clients, including Karups.com, Vixeo.com, and Domains A&D, tell us they have all seen 5-15% (and this was an immediate jump) increases in traffic and conversions, and overall they are earning more revenue. Adult is a very business savvy ROI focused industry, and to receive a boost in revenue at that rate for the cost of our services is simply a no-brainer! Another question most frequently asked is ‘How do we make money on this traffic?’ This is also an easy question to answer. With the European market growing so well, more and more international processors (via credit card, Webbilling direct debit, direct payment, phone billing, etc…) are all available to help you maximize your earnings! And one important point often made by my friend Ines Petersen at Webbilling.com is that, “Sure, probably the majority of Europeans surfing adult online can understand enough English to navigate their way to their preferred content, but when they click and arrive on that join page, they will be most comfortable and most likely to join if they immediately recognize their preferred payment method and find the join page in their native language.”

  • Market share: “I was quoted in the November issue of Xbiz saying, ‘If translating sites wasn’t profitable, why do the top 100 sites on the Web all do it?’ We saw the boom of the early Internet days, and noticed/witnessed what happened when we wait around too long before taking the opportunity to establish ourselves in the markets we knew we should target. Why don’t we hear more of these major Internet sites talking about their successful translation results? Because it’s so profitable to them, and they don’t want to share; plain and simple!”
“My company, GloballyTranslated.com, including all of our staff, translators, proof readers and designers are totally dedicated to quality local dialect translations that will get you the most sales in each market you target.” When assessing available translation companies, here are the talking points to consider and discuss:
  • Skilled Translators: “You want to find a company with skilled local translators who live the language in the regions that you wish to target. You don’t want a guy in Mexico translating your sites for Spain and other EU Spanish speakers.”

  • Quality Control Processes: “Quality is everything in translations and unless you speak the language yourself, you better be sure the company you hire can do the job. There are two ways to manage quality control. First, you need quality translators, but then you also need two sets of independent proofreaders to make sure that the quality of the work is correct (Sentence structure, spelling, grammar, etc.).”

  • Customer service: “You want a service that is devoted to catering to your needs. Customer service is important at every step, from replying to your initial emails to answering support questions and content changes. Nothing is more important to us than to make your translations process as smooth and effortless as possible, and to also make it as profitable as it can be for you so you keep tweaking and adjusting well into the future.”
Beyond pre-join and join page translation, and the really advanced programs that translate entire sites, don’t forget about the EU engines. Remember, as we start participating on a global, regional and local basis, research the most popular engines. Webbilling.com processes EU direct debit joins in Germany, Austria, Spain, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom, so once you are using our services traffic and conversion become key. All the EU webmasters can now send traffic to your programs, but you can get really proactive now – Tela at ExpressPro and Kheley at Wildline! can help you with quality targeted traffic – but how do you know what keywords to target and buy? That’s where Omar and GloballyTranslated comes in once again. Their team can help you with the keywords for each area on which you wish to focus. It really depends on how motivated you are to penetrate the EU market, which unlike the US still has huge upside potential as more and more users come online and acquire high-speed access. Now is the time to position yourself in a market larger than the US market and with buying power expected to remain strong for the foreseeable future.

One point to consider: A poor translation is often worse than no translation at all – remember, you are building credibility with every word of text, and the most stimulating content will often lose its appeal when the user arrives on the join page and gets cold feet when things don’t seem quite right. Sometimes it’s as simple as the message...

There are several excellent translation companies, including Omar’s company, that offer the perfect solution for meeting your requirements and helping you achieve multi-lingual success. Make sure you consider all aspects of your translation company relationship carefully, and take great care when seeking skilled translators, quality control processes and top customer service.

Globally Translated

Omar’s Conclusion: “Translating your sites is an easy and inexpensive way to make more money on your quality content. It’s time for you to join the translation revolution!”

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