All Hail the Panama Summit

Joe D

In just its second annual rendition, the Panama Summit has encompassed the very best of the Island Gathering and established itself as the premier industry B2B event.

Held in Panama City, Panama, from February 29 - March 3, 2008, the boutique sized Panama Summit embraced the mission of combining “an extraordinary atmosphere with an outstanding group of attendees in order to initiate open discussions on issues and ideas relevant to our rapidly changing industry.” I can verify that the mission goals were met - early, and then often!

The combination of history, the magnificence of the canal, and the cosmopolitan nature of the explosive Panama City growth at the crossroads of the Americas presents the perfect backdrop for an event whose attendees influence the online entertainment industry every day. There were movers and shakers in attendance I had not seen in at least two years, a majority I was able to meet or get to know better, and it was great to meet, reacquaint and plan future projects.

As the Island Gathering prepares for its eighth spectacular year, prospective attendees had best plan early, as industry decision makers are recognizing the top destinations at which to spend their personal time and money, and this October Caribbean gathering will likely sell out even earlier than usual.

The Island Gathering was the first event to initiate a personal Attendee Guide, executive bonding activities, the all-inclusive model, photo-free areas, and unparalleled networking facilitation. All of these innovations are incorporated into the Panama Summit, and decision makers comfortable in their surroundings actively participate to guarantee additional success. The most difficult challenge for Dana and Fabian is to continue to raise the bar on each of their B1Events - each and every time. When we return and follow up, business advancement is the result of each gathering, and that is the real measure.

I was pleased to attend, and look forward to contributing to every event. Just like the Island Gathering, at the Panama Summit you don’t make contacts you make friends, and friends work with friends.

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