WIA Profile: Hazel Fruitman

Stephen Yagielowicz

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What did you do for a living before working in the adult industry?

We are trailblazers and innovators!

As an impoverished university graduate, I left school with high aspirations and hit the road to follow my dream to become a rock star. I have played the drums nearly my entire life, and lost no time getting out there on the music scene. Did I make a living doing this? Hell no! But I learned a lot and followed my heart. To support my dream I became a manager of a retail store which polished my organizational and leadership skills. My interest piqued in the industry back in 1999 when my husband Barry and I watched an episode of "Dateline." We saw how much potential there was to make money over the Internet, especially in the adult space. When Barry posed the question to me a few days later that perhaps we could do the same thing, instead of slapping him across the face, I shrugged and said, 'Sure, what do we have to lose.'

What is the most challenging aspect of operating a major webcam network and webcam-related affiliate program?

You are waiting for me to say running a major webcam network as a woman in a male-dominated industry. Business is business and no one would ever describe me as a shrinking violet, and I almost resent hearing that from other women; I think it is a defeatist attitude. I work 24/7 with my husband and business partner, Barry. My overall goals that I keep in mind are to strive for the latest technology to attract, provide and service all our affiliates, models and members — not a small undertaking at all.

What sets WebCamCash apart from other cam networks that webmasters can promote?

We are trailblazers and innovators! WebcamCash offers programs and services which resonate with the majority of the online adult consumer community, with the big differentiator being that we are single-focused. We are all things webcams and webcams only. We listen to affiliates needs by developing products they have confidence in promoting. Our affiliate’s favorite promotional tools are the RSS blogs and Geo-Targeted I-Frames. Our latest solution for solo girl sites, the WebcamToolkit (, has caught on like wildfire.

Do you think that growing concerns over content piracy will lead more companies to invest in live, interactive entertainment?

Our market research is showing that we have only just seen the tip of the iceberg with social media which supports my belief that webcams have staying power. People want to be in more control and be interactive and authentic. WebcamCash delivers that human interaction, with fresh content providing our users with a unique experience every time, all the time. Not to mention that live content is torrent-proof. We've always envisioned ourselves ahead of this trend.

Aside from the obvious technical infrastructure costs, what are some of the major barriers to entry for entrepreneurs who are considering a webcam-related venture?

I eat, sleep (of course my partner is my husband so I mean that literally) and breathe Webcamcash. It takes funding, a reliable and talented staff, killer technology, the ability to stay focused and not go after the "next shiny object" and know your market segment. Anyone just starting out needs to make that type of solid commitment.