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Freddy and Eddy
A look at some of the latest and greatest adult novelties from XBIZ' resident toy testers, Freddy and Eddy:

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He Says: I've made no secret of my love for all things rings, and this intriguing item from Screaming O had me giddy with anticipation. The vibrating unit is bigger and more powerful than those on most other stretchy rings, while the little ball swinging underneath gives an extra bang for the buck. Screaming O, incidentally, had a booth next to us five years ago at one of the first consumer shows we went to, and we're amazed at how its product line has expanded and the company matured since then. The owners, Keith and Justin, are both personable and professional, meaning their customer service matches the quality of their rings note for note. Overall, this nifty item gets our highest rating — FIVE OUT OF FIVE ORGASMS!

She Says: Cock rings again? Of course you'd start there; I can't remember a time I've reached down and not felt a piece of metal or strap of leather adorning your package. The stretchy rings are usually "iffy," in that they break easily and must be worn with care — think of a rubber band around your finger and taking it off after no more than 30 minutes. That said, I love the vibrating models as I get a two-fer; the ring keeps him harder and allows him to last a tad longer, while the vibrating unit hits my clitoris (never a bad thing, for sure). The Bong O has all that, plus a little swinging ball that hangs below the ring that can add pleasure by hitting the anal area. I give this thing FOUR OUT OF FIVE ORGASMS!


She Says: The Devine product line addresses the question of what to do with your toy collection when you want it close at hand, yet far from prying (especially young) eyes. The shoebox-sized Devine Toy Box sits on my bedside table with five to seven of my favorites tucked neatly inside (a glass wand, Eroscillator, Fun Factory Worm, Layaspot, Lelo Gigi and plenty of lube), always within reach for that something extra whether with my husband or going solo. It includes a lock, which is handy to prevent our 8-year-old from exploring, and the box is undeniably beautiful and quality crafted for years of use (indeed, mine is 2 years old and still going strong). Devine also makes large travel satchels (take the whole collection in style!) and small cases suitable for one or two items on the go. Although not directly responsible for orgasms, I can't recommend these products enough.

He Says: Who are you kidding? Prevent our 8-year-old from exploring? He's seen enough of our stash to purposefully avoid our toy collection. The reason I like the Devine Toy Box so much is that it keeps our toys nice and clean, as well as within easy reach. Nothing kills a sex buzz quicker than grabbing a lint-covered toy out of the bedside drawer, fumbling through 25 items in the dark, or having to get up to hunt down a specific item in the bathroom towel closet. With the Devine Toy Box, our favorites are kept conveniently within reach, clean and encased in a lovely environment. The satchels and bags are also great for traveling. I deem the Devine Line, well, devine.


He Says: With so little innovation coming out of the big manufacturers, the slack has been picked up by smaller companies eager to make their mark with products that skirt the quantity argument with quality. Such is the case with B-swish, which has released its first three vibes and has plans for more designs to hit the market in 2008. Although the B-gee, B-good, and B-naughty (G-spot, basic 7-inch and bullet vibes, respectively) don't break any new ground in terms of shape or size, they certainly turn heads with their colors, packaging and especially finishes/textures. The textures are similar to those found on Lelo products, which feel as if silk fabric has been bonded to the toys and make for a sultry feeling that begs to be united with intimate body parts. The margins on them aren't too bad, either, and the B-swish packaging will certainly draw eyes on busy store shelves. I go FOUR ORGASMS on this fabulous debut.

She Says: I am particularly impressed with the presentation of these products, especially the packaging. Lovely boxes replace plastic for a more organic feeling and the graphics are sure to draw customers in for a closer look. Performance-wise, each vibe does its job with competence and I love the silken finishes on all them. My husband forgot to mention the B-swish products are all waterproof, which makes for interesting possibilities in bath and hot tubs. Except for my trusty Eroscillator, the B-swish line has now taken its place among my favorites — stored in my Devine Toy Box next to my bed.

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We Say: We can't leave out a special mention of Good Clean Love Passion massage candles, which are without a doubt the best we've ever used. Most products of this type are made primarily from soy and harden into a waxy substance soon after contacting the skin, which is hard to work in and leaves a sticky film behind. The Good Clean Love Passion candles, in addition to being certified organic (and safe to use on intimate areas), contain more than 20 different natural oils that stay slick just like pouring your favorite oil straight from a bottle. As massage is a huge part of our intimate routine, this product has become indispensible.

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