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Joe D

Webbilling Enhances Admin Stats

European direct debit leader Webbilling.com has raised the bar on admin stats presentation. In anticipation of new products coming online, and feedback from merchants dissatisfied with stats reporting from their current providers, Webbilling has added numerous features to clearly present user stats for their client merchants.

Improvements include full color charts and graphs, breakdowns for each country and billing method utilized, and complete transparency to provide the ultimate control for client merchants. “It’s your traffic, they are your users. We don’t just provide you with a platform, we work with you to maximize your revenue across the board,” stated Chief Marketing Officer JoeD. “If, for instance, your billing provider is not breaking down your German sales for you, how can you know to enhance your geo-targeting or tweak your join page with special text and custom graphics?” If your EU revenue streams are not broken out for you in your stats admin and your revenue reporting, how can you identify an underperforming market or expand the one that is super-performing?”

Operations director Ines Petersen reinforced the point, adding, “Breakdowns allow you to perform country-specific sales analysis and marketing, tweak pricing, join pages and geo-routing. Each country is unique and so may be your promotions and focus for each.”

Does your EU billing provider take your traffic and send you a combined check? You’ve gotten where you are by making some fine decisions, maybe you should manage your international traffic the same way you’ve managed your North American traffic… Webbilling.com converts your EU users in the UK, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Spain with the primary preferred join method for each, and if we don’t fulfill the join we return the user precisely to where you designate – no dead ends.

Who other than Webbilling.com can provide you real pull Direct Debit billing with instant access, free/multiple free trials, cross sales, upsells, pay-per-anything and one-click encrypted joins for following transactions, package purchases and cancellation marketing? We also provide the push ‘direct pay’ method for those countries still requiring a physical signature, but that is not the same as our direct debit in our five primary markets. A simple straightforward contract and inclusion in NATS and MPA3 make us an easy implementation. Europeans billing Europe…

Write to JoeD and Ines at marketing@webbilling.com or visit www.webbilling.com and request more information on our unique solutions for billing Europe and our advanced admin stats reporting –

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