Campaign Complaints

Dave Cummings
I've got to rant a bit, I can't help it – sorry! Here's my bitch: 2008 political campaigning is smothering me, just like it might be bugging you, too; if I get one more political phone call, I'm going to become more of an old bastard than I already am, and I'm going to "lecture" the caller and ask that the phone bank supervisor be told that many of my friends and I are boycotting their candidate and/or cause if one more call comes in.

Just like me here in San Diego, I bet you'd like to be left alone, too.

We're Americans and can make up our own minds without some razzle-dazzle huckster talking to-and-at us like he or she is selling snake oil, or oil drilling lotteries, or tickets to a lecture on the evils of sex between consenting adults. Folks across America are smart and can make up their own minds without being pressured by campaign baloney.

OK, now I feel better – but, if I get a political call tomorrow, I'm liable to ask to talk to the person in charge and express my displeasure with my privacy being interrupted. At noon, I'm shooting a sex scene with Morgan Reigns for my upcoming release of "Knee Pad Nymphos, Vol 10" and the last thing I'd welcome is an interruption while she and I are "doing" each other (with her fabulous boobs and fantastic butt, I've decided we're going to do sex in the reverse cowgirl and cowgirl positions to show off her attributes).

It goes without nagging that now is the time to register to vote, to become an informed voter, and to vote for what/who you want, not what some slick TV ad or those darn flyers presently cluttering up our mailboxes subjectively espouses, or what some loudmouth at work or in your church or elsewhere is pushing!

Check out www.freespeechcoalition.com as we get closer to November, as it promises to have some meaningful and objective information about candidates and issues.

The important thing is that we all vote, otherwise when the wrong candidate or issue assaults our freedoms (yes, I'm afraid some of those hypocrites will attack our sex lives), we are going to be angry with those who didn't vote to stop them at the ballot box. If there ever was an election year where we need to stand up and be counted, 2008 is it!

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to the way the loud and vile religious radicals are constantly conniving against our sexual freedoms. It's both telling and disgusting how some of these hypocrites are being exposed by former altar boys, by undercover cops catching them in bathroom stall solicitations, by escort stings, and all sorts of other "do as I say, not as I do" holier-than-thou radical religion scum who profess one thing publicly while personally practicing otherwise in their secret/private lives.

How they have a right to decide how "their" elected officials are going to tell us how to worship and live sucks! Damn, the last almost-eight years of political sniper shots at the line between Church and State seems akin to religious terrorism right here in America.

It's time to vote out those who prostitute themselves to the campaign contributions and rhetoric and demands of those who want to impose their religious beliefs upon our freedoms. Remember that movie where the guy opens his window and bellows "I'm fed up and I'm not going to take it anymore"? Well, it's time for us normal All-Americans to take back our rights and freedoms. Don't take it anymore. Use the power of voting to save American freedoms. Please, be a voter, one who will support causes and candidates who will not let religious radicals trend upon our Constitution.

It's time for all of us to make that extra added effort to become informed voters. Don't leave freedom in the hands of the other citizen – your vote is needed!