Sex Toys for Fun and Profit

Ayrora Temple
Once upon a time the topic of sex toys was all but taboo for even the most "liberated" of women. This situation has changed, however, in part by mainstream media's open "normalization" of sex toys through hit television shows like "Sex and the City."

Although many women might still appear to keep quiet about their sex toys and which ones may be their favorites; in the right crowd, they'll share all of their secrets and perhaps even go as far as to show their friends exactly how each one works.

It's all about having the right environment – an environment that makes one feel safe and comfortable before sharing such highly personal and intimate details. Wanting this secure feeling translates to the purchase process. For example, I have a personal sex toy collection. My actual purchases of each of these toys was the direct result of feeling like I had "an invitation to a world of pleasure," rather than an embarrassed feeling of just wanting to run and hide...

Good sex stores understand this, with the seller trying to make his or her offers inviting, while making the customer feel able to find help that will point them in the right direction when questions arise. But what about "the convenience factor" of shopping from home, as well as many women's desire to not be seen buying sex toys? For many sex toy consumers, the perfect solution can only be found by shopping online.

The online sex toy shopping experience has come a long way in recent years, with many web-based retail outlets offering not only a wide variety of products at often discount prices, but as an extra bonus, a non-intimidating, safe and educational shopping experience. As a result, for many store operators, the online adult novelty business is booming. But what are today's male and female shoppers buying?

Recently, XBiz caught up with some of the biggest players in the sex toy market and asked, "What Is Your Biggest Sex Toy Seller?"

Here's what they had to say:

"Looking at our top-10 list, much of it is made up of our Cyberskin products, from the Cyberskin Cyber Cock to the Cyberskin Xtasy Vibe," Scott Tucker, CEO of Topco Sales, said. "This unique material is a consistent best seller for us, especially when used in creating realistic pieces, because it truly recreates the feeling of real skin."

"If I had to pick one line, I would say it would be our Vixen Series, Vivid's official Functional Erotic Glass Art," Rick Plank, president and owner of Phallix, said. "There are six signature pieces featuring the sensual and erotic aspects of Vivid Starlets Briana Banks, Dasha, Kira, Mercedez, Sunrise and Savanna. These pieces are beautiful to the eye."

According to Carol Queen, staff sexologist for Good Vibrations, "This varies from month to month. But often it's the Rabbit Pearl battery vibrator, which customers like in part because it's so cute. More important, though, is the design: a rotating shaft for vaginal stimulation and a vibrating bunny simultaneously stimulating the clitoris. Why not go for two erogenous zones instead of one?"

"The Rabbit iVibe is our best selling product at," Sean Trotter, CTO of Adam & Eve said. "From the story line of 'Sex In The City' to your home, it looks as if everyone has the Rabbit iVibe. With the pulsing, vibrating and clitoral stimulator, this toy does everything your man can't."

"When you take into consideration dollar value, the best-selling products are realistic cocks," opined Dave Levine, the president of "We sell more tubes of lube at $5, but at $40-$80, realistic-looking cocks bring in much more revenue. Our best sellers within that category are Peter North's ejaculating cock and oversized giant cocks sell surprisingly well."

Now that you know what women want and what consumers are purchasing, you might want to consider becoming an affiliate of one or more of the more popular adult novelty reseller programs. Make your website safe and user-friendly, and you should enjoy good luck with your sales.