Bono makes the world smaller with $325m investment

U2's front man Bono made news as the venture capital firm that he is a partner in, invested $325M for 25% stake in Palm Computers (article)

Some have looked at this news with amusement as why would Bono, known for his outspoken fight against hunger and oppression, is investing in a technology company.

My answer is that in third world countries, the mobile phone will be the internet device of choice. Laptops and computers are too big, and are not suitable for rougher environments.

Imagine a low-cost Treo phone that has internet access that will allow people in third world countries to be just as accessible to the outside world as us sitting here in the U.S.

Business can be conducted in third world countries with emails as well as being able to have correspondance, place/check orders etc.

His line of (Red) clothing that is produced in Africa is an example of how local businesses in Africa can create products for global consumption.

I think Bono is on to something if this is his plan for making the world smaller and better through technology.

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