Taxing adult biz in Pennsylvania?

I was scanning through xbiz and found the article titled "PA Senator Proposes Study on Adult Biz Tax Plan" and a paragraph stuck out:

A Pa. state senator has proposed a study to look at levying a tax on adult products sold and adult entertainment businesses located in the state, saying that she wants to impose a tax to offset negative secondary effects caused by adult entertainment.

and this paragraph:

Orie said the study would investigate the possibility of taxing distributors and publishers of adult content, adult book and video stores, escort services and strip clubs, and argued that a tax would “remediate the harm they are doing in communities.”

How's this for a proposal: Revoke the tax-free status of churches that harbor pedofile church members, that know about such activity and refused to report it to the police.

The money collected from the taxing of the offending church could be used to "offset negative secondary effects" caused by church staff molesting children. The money could be given to organizations to support the child and family for the crimes committed.

Lawmakers who try to target the adult entertainment sector as a reason for the ills of society, should first target on the real monsters and the real crimes being committed that truely harm the community.

Fight the don't ask, don't tell!

ps. an update: a british news article about the church's contribution to pedofiles. Summary stats from the article:

$660m The amount paid out by the Los Angeles Roman Catholic archdiocese to 500 victims of sexual abuse

$2bn The amount estimated to have been paid out across the US

4,392 The number of priests alleged to have abused children in the US in the past 50 years

10,000 The number of Americans who say that they were abused

100 The number of allegations of abuse made in Ireland between1962 and 2002

21 The number of priests involved

6 of the 21 Irish priests involved died before any allegations were made against them

3,000 The number of allegations of abuse received by the Australian group Broke Rites by 2002