Time Marches On...

Stephen Yagielowicz
I’ve written a lot lately on the evolution of the online adult entertainment industry; the technologies and market forces impacting it; and the reassessment of business plans in the wake of these factors – a reassessment that for me is ongoing – and sadly, full of second-guessing.

With the New Year upon us, I’m still surveying our digital landscape and want to add two more items for your consideration; both of which are featured on XBIZ today:

The first is an article entitled “The Rising Tide of Technology” which deals with the evolution of the surfer and the means by which he accesses our wares. While I may not agree with all of the author’s conclusions, it’s clear that today’s surfer expects more and demands more from his online entertainment options. I recommend you check out this piece as it provides good food for thought.

The other item of interest is a news piece that I wrote, which discusses how AOL has ended its support for the Netscape Navigator browser.

I was a working webmaster prior to the launch of Netscape Navigator and have seen its growth, trials and tribulations over the years. I’ve used its innovative “blink” tag as a cool new ‘marketing tool’ (many years ago); and have struggled to overcome this browser’s many quirks in my efforts to have seamless cross-browser designs.

I’ve ridiculed the cult that followed it as a symbol of defiance against Bill Gates; and I’ve been awed at the speed at which it rendered one of my early animated gif logos, spinning wildly fast as if it were a hamster on crack – rather than showing the measured beat that every other browser displayed.

I’ve loved the way it looked and hated the burden it imposed on my development cycle.

I cheered when Internet Explorer finally kicked its ass in “the browser wars” – but I’m a little bit sad at its departure from the stage.

What’s really on my mind however is the strong emotions that its development team and corporate evangelists must have faced over the decision to drop this icon. It’s a sign of the merciless evolution of our industry and the market realities that we all face; where no matter how cool or important something may have once been, there really will come a time when it’s “best” to move on – regardless of the regret that move may cause.

Rest in Peace, Navigator – you caused me a lot of problems, but you will be missed…

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