Euros Everywhere - Are You in Euros?

Joe D

Well, it is official - Malta and Cyprus have joined thirteen other countries in adopting the Euro - at midnight New Year's Eve the lira and the pound respectively bit the dust for these two countries emerging on the international scene in big ways. Leaders of both countries see this move foreshadowing future economic growth fueled by the still surging Euro, at better than 1.45 to the USD on New Year's Eve, and the combined power of the EU group members.

The previous thirteen EU members are France, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Greece, Slovenia, Portugal, and the key market members for which Webbilling.com BV provides online direct debit processing: Germany, Spain, Austria, The Netherlands, and Belgium pending.

I have been helping e-commerce entrepreneurs make more money online for over six years - mostly through successful research, marketing and brand building - If you are interested in knowing more about the online purchasing culture in Europe, the ease of implementing Euro and British Pound billing in the key EU markets and the United Kingdom, please write or call me to set up a meeting time at Internext, and you have the potential to be big in the European markets before the Xbiz Hollywood Conference.

If you only offer credit cards and checks in Europe you should be able to increase your EU revenues two to four times. Your company deserves the best solution with the most perks and the best rates for revenue maximization. Keep your growth curve climbing, make 2008 your greatest year yet.

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