Blogs. A new challenge!

Colin Rowntree
Okay, I get it. In order to get blog traffic, one must actually go visit blogs and send the owner an email to get hooked in.

But, after a month of having my staff trawl the web for blogs that might be great connections for recip traffic to wasteland.com and sssh.com, it's now become pretty clear that about 50% of them have no way to contact them! No email link. No email form. Nada..... One would think that the first thing a blogger would set up in wordpress or blogspot is a link to exchange traffic, but this is simply not the case.

Now, here is the truly odd thing: of the 2,000 blogs we visited, about half of them had no way to contact them, and no links to many other blogs or sites. BUT! Most of them had a Google Page Rank of at least "4". What's up with that?????

Sure, I have blogs going to drive traffic to our sites, but all of this mystifies me. How can a blog written by a social balloon fetish club in Pittsburgh with 2 recips have a higher PR than most adult sites?

Anybody that has a clue is welcome to email me: mail@rowntree.net If you crack the code, I'll send you a fruit basket! (or a balloon) lol.