Pro or Con? Standards Compliance...

Joe D

Which side are you on when it comes to the benefits or detriments of Web standards compliance? There are many movements within the Web development communities advocating adherence to specific Web standards. If you read the information given at the World Wide Web Consortium’s website (www.w3c.org) the subject of standards compliance is obviously a huge issue.

There are also large groups of Web developers who believe that standards compliance is not as important as groups like the W3C believe it to be. In fact, there are some so set against standards compliance that they advocate not following the W3C’s recommendations at all. Some will go out of their way to blog heavily about what they believe to be the “cons” of standards compliance – and in some cases even throw in some allusions to a hidden agenda by those who openly support standards.

But what’s the big deal about standards compliance? Why are some Web developers so passionately supportive – and others so vehemently against it? On the outside it looks like a harmless grassroots movement designed to encourage developers to use “cleaner code,” to make future developments, browser advancements and accessibility issues more streamlined and easier to work with. Is there really a hidden agenda, as some believe? Or are the people who are against standards compliance just afraid of change?

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