Domain Profit Maximization

Joe D

I’ve been wondering about these parked domain monetization companies and traffic clubs lately. Like so many of us, we buy domains as they pop into our heads and they sit in our accounts gathering dust until [if ever] we do something with them or just let them go…

I always look at Moniker first, because they support the domain industry at all the shows and I like their innovative thinking – if you haven’t been to a live domain auction yet you really have to attend one. They’re a lot of fun and you always learn something.

So I was looking at trafficclub.com, which is a monetization tool for a domain collection that is on hold for development or speculation. As opposed to some, this system evaluates your domain against available networks and automatically selects the best ad network for each of your domains to maximize total profits. You receive a detailed summary and reporting on domain traffic and revenue, and can modify your landing pages giving you flexibility to target different keywords on each domain.

Let’s hear some comments and feedback from those of you who have used this and other similar services – pro vs. cons? Is it as easy to set up and earn as they say? Is anyone making appreciable pay-per-click revenue from these ad networks?

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