Copy Is Still King

Joe D

Well... maybe traffic is -- but what gets traffic and what converts it? Copy writing does. We forget that all too often and often write very poor copy. “What stands out in your ad when a reader is perusing the newspaper or scanning a Website? Far too often, it’s your company name or your fancy logo. The rule of thumb for a written ad is to grab the reader’s attention first — with a compelling headline and a supporting sub-headline — then provide details elsewhere in the ad or provide an easy way for them to get more free information.”

Writing effective ad or website copy is a big topic and you will find a lot written about it, but a good introductory article is by Alexandria Brownwho briefly covers 10 keys to copy that sells:

  • Be reader-centered, not writer-centered.
  • Focus on the benefits — not just the features.
  • Draw them in with a killer headline.
  • Use engaging subheads.
  • Be conversational.
  • Nix the jargon.
  • Keep it brief and digestible.
  • Use testimonials when possible.
  • Ask for the order!
  • Have your copy proofread!

Not to be outdone by a girl, Neil Sagebiel offers no less than 66 similar tips, and you can get all of them here. One of the best quick introductions is Gail Goodman who outlines the ten commandments of good copy writing. You won't go to Hell if you don't follow them – but your copy will not do its job either.

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