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Webbilling.com Logo We are now integrated in the TooMuchMedia Next-Generation Administration and Tracking Software known as NATS.

YES, our WebBilling.com European Direct Debit solution is now available through your NATS billing cascade.

As I've previously advised you, over the past ten years Webbilling.com has focused on the use of direct debit for the conversion of European traffic with the same immediacy, ease, and with the same marketing tools you enjoy with credit card conversion in North America, including capability for immediate access, recurring billing, free and multiple free trials, crosssales, upsells, escalating security levels, pay-per-view, pay-per-download, pay-per-package, one-time and hard goods sales, and encrypted one-click sales.

Integration of Webbilling.com into the NATS Web-based affiliate program software ensures NATS users the ability to access through real direct debit the 80%+ population of potential EU customers who cannot or will not use a credit card online in more countries than any other provider currently serving the adult space. …Real direct debit with no cards of any kind necessary.

Keep all your present billing solutions; just optimize Webbilling to maximize your EU revenue. This is found money – you are already doing all the work to get these surfers to your sites – the Webbilling.com direct debit solution will allow you to convert them, as well as attracting more EU affiliates because of higher conversions.

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Company helps serve EU majority who don’t use credit cards.

WEBBILLING B.V. is the leading provider of real EU Direct Debit services to e-commerce companies worldwide. Webbilling provides real direct debit solutions for Spain, Germany, The Netherlands Austria, and the UK. With a negative database developed over ten years, superior fraud detection and established collection services, Webbilling has the experience to maximize your revenues, and the expertise to guide you to the best EU conversion rates possible.

The Webbilling direct debit platform services the top industry Processors and high-volume Sponsors worldwide. Webbilling combines its in-depth knowledge of the European market with proven technology, powerful time-tested relationships, client focused expertise and personal service.

Please take a moment to visit our site: Webbilling.com.

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