Score One for Rationality

Quentin Boyer
Update on a previous entry here: it turns out that the Lewiston police can read, too….

From WMTW.com:

“Police in Lewiston say they will not pursue the obscenity complaint filed by a local resident over a sex education book.”

Although the article itself doesn’t state such, the headline indicates that the police believed the complaint to be “groundless.”

Chalk up a point for rationality — or maybe it is just plain “literacy.” Even if you agree with the woman who stole the book from the library in order to prevent it from falling into the hands of children, and believe that “It’s Perfectly Normal” is inappropriate for children, it’s clear that the book falls well short of meeting the legal definition of “obscene.”

Kudos are due to the Lewiston police for setting aside the hysteria and coming to the proper conclusion regarding “It’s Perfectly Normal.”