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Joe D

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are well aware that blogging has taken the online world by storm. Everyone is either reading blogs on a regular basis, receiving RSS feed updates of blogs to their feed readers or e-mail aggregators – or they are blogging regularly on their own blogs. 'Netizens of all ages are getting into the booming blogging spirit.

Unfortunately, most bloggers are unaware that they are passing up numerous opportunities to drive additional traffic to their websites. Opportunities that are built right into their blogging software programs in most cases. For example, Word Press gives you lots of plug-ins and ways to tag your site with keywords that add relevancy to your site for the search engines and assist in listing your site at Technorati.com, which are likely the top two traffic providing sources for bloggers. A free plug-in that will help you to easily tag every keyword in your blog entries for WP users is the Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW), which is available via the WP admin area.

Other ways to increase your blog traffic include the use of relevant keyword-rich content in each and every blog entry. Something to research and think about, whether your blog targets surfers, customers or other webmasters, is the use of the SEO-rich tools that are already built into the foundation of blogging - this will help you increase your traffic and drive it on to your sales pages.

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