Lone Star Pornutopia

Dave Cummings
If you were not in Houston recently, and missed out on the huge, fun, four-day event called Lone Star Pornutopia, just go to www.lonestarpornutopia.com and check out the link to "Stars" on the left-hand side, near the top of the page, to see which girls would have been ones that you would have wanted to meet and hang-out with.

If you did attend, those starlet photos might rekindle some exciting memories, as the event had lots of big-name adult entertainment stars.

In its second year, the vast event expansion was amazing—I wouldn't be surprised if next year's Lone Star Pornutopia might require a stadium or convention center venue!

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire four days; the folks at Adult Quest worked hard (there's nothing wrong with the word "hard!") to honor Huston voters and citizens – thanks, Adult Quest!

It's interesting that Houston, with all the political madness and misguided First Amendment attacks of 2007 aimed at curbing the public's constitutionally protected right to access adult entertainment, had droves of citizens/voters patronize the recent events; it tells me that some Houston politicians are way off base and might be "out," like in not even making it to first base let alone scoring in upcoming elections!

Politicians in and around Houston, as well as elsewhere in America, need to represent their constituents, not just genuflect to the right-wing radical religious hypocrites who are brown-nosing whomsoever to get unnecessarily forgiven for the masturbating some of them do while fantasizing about being "real" human beings who get to enjoy the God-given gift of sex and one of it's vehicles called "adult entertainment."

C'mon Houston, vote out those who cater to votes, election contributions, and demands of the radical religious right.

Seriously, please become informed voters and vote out those that want you to live in a monastery, some of whom are possibly sneaking around and/or fantasizing about enjoying a drink in a gentlemen's club or patronizing other adult entertainment venues. Replace them with challengers who will not cater to the dogma thinking of the religious right.

Now, just because the above paragraph centered upon Houston, it doesn't mean that other national locations don't need to also stand up and be counted (at the ballot box, at least).

Real Americans need to show the politicians that they don't run the private lives of voters who legitimately patronage adult entertainment, healthy sexual fantasies, and normal sexual urges during the upcoming elections. Let's make our voices heard, and our votes count!

Yes, I stick my neck out sometimes to focus upon our great Constitution: It's unavoidable, lest we all end up going to church and worshipping however others dictate, instead of us having our own free will. Yes, I once was an altar boy, yet I still perform in front of the camera.

This month's latest volume (#61) of "Screw My Wife, Please" gave me an eyeful of visual delights and oral action from some beautiful wives. And, yes, my off-camera sex life is totally enjoyable, especially from coed and swinger groupie girls who need someone to sexually help them relax and cope with the stresses of the day. If I'm addicted to these women, I applaud it and don't ever want to be rescued.

Recently, I also worked in the first three days of a five-day shoot for Wicked Pictures on a feature written by the beautiful Stormy Daniels. I play her husband, and get to enjoy her attributes, intelligence, and sexiness. The feature will probably be released next spring. I'm expecting it to be a total success, and will alert you of the title and availability when it's done being edited. If Stormy was running for President, I'd definitely vote for her.

If you get a chance, check out the redesign of my new www.davecummings.com, and the video offerings at my newly launched www.davecummings.tv.

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