The Value of Blogs

Joe D

I recently heard someone say one would “have to be an idiot not to read blogs,” and for those who work in online enterprises, that statement has never been more true. Blogs have become an integral part of working online – for developers, content providers, webmasters, marketers, SEOs and anyone else who relies on e-commerce and other information and industry data on a daily basis. In the world of mainstream e-commerce, blogs have become as celebrated as chatrooms, forums, newsgroups and resource sites – it won’t be long before the adult industry adapts, and blogs become even more of a focal point than they are already.

One reason blogs have become so popular is because they have a reputation for being a good business value. Through blogs you can not only read article-style tutorials filled with tips and great ideas, but you can also get benefits previously seen only in the world of online communities, such as forums and chatrooms, where the writer (the blogger) shares personal experiences. Problems solved, questions asked, discoveries shared, predicted pitfalls, things to avoid, development magic… blogs are generally written in a narrative, personal voice and they can deliver edit-free information straight to the user in real time.

Blogs give their readers instant information gratification and a chance to interact with the blogger through commenting. You can’t get that from an article (rarely is the writer ever available for questions or discussion about what was written), and it’s difficult to get that type of response from a message board post, where posts and threads can be buried on busy boards in seconds.

The value of blogging will only continue to increase in the weeks, months and years to come. Bookmark some blogs - and reading your “blog of choice” on a daily basis should help keep you on top of hot issues, aware of new trends and topics – and help to increase your business success as a result.

So are blogs better than boards? Well, that’s something for you to decide, based on your available time and interests. Whether you are attracted by the gossip, the “political wars,” the daily “tea and crumpets” style, or solid hardcore business industry news, following the solid contributions and value of industry blogs or boards involves a tradeoff, so make sure your choices really shine through.

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