Bad Apples

Quentin Boyer
An open letter to the Bad Apples that use the adult Internet industry in an attempt to get rich quick:

OK, we get it; you are good with exploiting vulnerable systems, and you think that any traffic is good traffic.

It’s just that you are wrong about the traffic part — absolutely, positively, dead wrong.

Whatever you may think about pornography, there is no question that a significant percentage of the human population doesn’t approve of what our industry does and would just as soon never see our products.

Even if we were all highly ethical businessmen, even if we all exercised great care in all our promotional efforts, there would be those who would seek to shut us down, for any number of reasons.

The last thing we need in a business climate like this — in which we are marketing material that teeters on the edge of social acceptability — is for you Bad Apples to keep giving lawmakers and the public at large more reasons to contemplate restricting and regulating our trade out of existence.

So, the next time you get the bright idea of hacking USAID servers to serve up some porn, or hijacking a governmental sub-domain, or engaging in a bit of typo-squatting, do us all a favor and just DROP DEAD, instead.

Yours truly,
Sick of All Your BS