And then Sting Showed Up

Gram Ponante
About ten seconds into Eon McKai's music video for Suicide Girls of "Paper Dolls" by Louis XIV, I wondered when I was going to see the Amex ad.

The video features three sucka SGs (Claudia Suicide, Cricket Suicide, and Xtine Suicide - like the Burning Angel women they have all legally changed their surnames to something recognized by Network Solutions ... I would like to see that happen to the ladies of the United States Geological Survey.gov) donning and doffing their tops and sneakers while preparing for an evening of Exene Cervenka poetry readings and superficial cutting over malt liquor with Gram.

"I shot it in the girls' rooms," Mckai told me. "I love girls' rooms, especially when they're kinda messy."

He then added: "Hummm yea." McKai never struck me as the type of person who would say "Hummm yea," but I assure you he did.

It concerns me that the Suicide Girls are becoming co-opted. (But I am not their moral leader.)

"Paper Doll" comes off like a Levis commercial, a Victoria's Secret commercial, and the former Gordon Sumner's Jaguar commercial all rolled into one, and it made me a little sad. But why shouldn't people make money? I guess I would have preferred it if the SGs were running around blowing up houses and being vampires and stuff rather than looking like pale, tattooed, extra-comfort pantyliner models.

"SGs have been in a lot of videos from Probot to Billy Idol," McKai said. "SG let me cast from girls in Los Angeles and so I credit them for that help. And thay loved the video and offered to host it for free. So what can I say?"

You can say: "Let's make it all for one and all for love," (with Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart).

"Vice Mag hooked (the video gig) up with Atlantic records," continued McKai. "I wanted to shoot SGs for it because I think they're so cute and I wanted to do something not hard core. Peeps at VCA were pulling for me and VCA is very excited about it. But Atlantic is the client here," he said. "This was a great gig for me."

But couldn't you get one of them to chew the face off another one of them?

I like Louis XIV. They're like a Jet you don't want to punch in the head, with lyrics like "God save the Kinks and the music from the Big Pinks."

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