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Joe D

Celebrate 2008 by Cashing in on EURO Billing

Yes, this is my new mission in life.

Helping you decide how to spend all your European Revenue!

I've quickly noticed that no one wants to implement a new billing solution - no matter how beneficial it might be - because of historical nightmare implementations and the trade off of dedicating programming resources. So we went to our API and in response to your feedback decrying long billing solution implementation times for other solutions and programming department backlogs, we even further refined and simplified the implementation process for merchant/clients choosing to host their own join page for our direct debit solution.

Webbilling.com is one of just a few platforms allowing merchant/clients to use the Webbilling join page or host their own EU direct debit join page, and one of a very few that allow one to place ones own content on the join page, whichever option chosen. The newly launched Tiger API provides for easier, more efficient implementation and speedier processing times.

The Euro is predicted to remain at a +45% premium to the dollar for the next two years…Webbilling.com, has a customized platform for real EU direct debit in continuous operation with a 10+ year negative database available for Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Austria currently, with Belgium pending banking system approvals and the UK approved this week and undergoing final technical refinements before activation.

This is real pull direct debit, and webbilling also provides the many
Webbilling.com Logo advantages you associate with credit card billing, including instant access, recurring, free/multiple free trials, cross sales, up sells, pay-per-anything, pin call security, plus the optional Secure Pin
mainly for high cost content cam sites and hard goods sales - billing in Euros – and a comprehensive collections department designed specifically for the adult market.

How will you spend all your 2008 EU revenue? Let me help you.

For more information, please visit www.webbilling.com. I will be in Toronto 'end of this week for the GFY Christmas Party - would love to meet with anyone interested in increased 2008 revenues. E-mail Me!

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