Killer PR or PR Killers?

Joe D

pet peeve – noun – a particular and often continual annoyance; personal bugbear. Something about which one frequently complains; a particular personal vexation.

Having among other pursuits produced a webmaster trade journal for over six years I have seen more press releases than I wish to think about – and I read and edited every single one that was published for two reasons – one, I like to see everyone look their best and rise to their highest level – and two, I didn’t want anyone to attribute some of the horrific composition to our own writers!

So, when it comes to press releases are you moving full-speed-ahead or slamming on the brakes?

The most common purpose of a press release is to make an important relevant announcement that raises positive awareness and builds brand image and good will. Properly utilized they can generate long-lived results on multiple levels across world markets. Notice the words ‘important’ and ‘relevant.’ One industry publicist comes to mind that [will remain nameless] sends out a press release for their wrestling crossover client every time she takes a breath…after a while you stop paying attention and the important one gets lost in the morass…

A recurring theme in my blog will be proper conceptualization, utilization, and dissemination of press information and other media usage to optimize and generate the greatest return for your efforts. If you don’t feel comfortable with the writing and distribution of your own releases have an expert provide you professional service. It’s worth every penny.

If you are having trouble succeeding in mainstream e-commerce, press releases and site content could very well be areas where you lose credibility with every reader. Much more on that later.

Remember too that one of the best unsung benefits of the press release is that for the most part they are free – and if loaded with great keyword content will continue to be spidered long after the news has been announced! Always keep in mind that the Internet is forever and the press release you sent out this week will be representing your company online forever...so select each word for infinity! Press releases, one of the cheapest ways to build your brand.

Watch this B2B blog for tips on construction, format, titles, content and more, because for successful press releases, it’s all in the details. Make every word count.

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