The “B-Word”?

Quentin Boyer
I’ll tell you, if this F-Word-Variant S-Word doesn’t stop soon, we won’t have an F-Word-Variant language worth speaking any more.

What the F-Word am I talking about?

An item on the Seattle Times website asks the question “Is the B-Word Always Bad?”

Silly me — I didn’t even know what the “B-Word” referred to! As it turns out, the B-Word is “bitch.”

It’s fitting that I found this on the website of a Seattle newspaper, given Washington’s politically-correct reputation (critics don’t call it the Nanny State for nothing), but this trend of substituting [Letter]-Word for potentially offensive terms has gotten completely out of hand.

After all, we’ve already reached a point where we have two F-Words, at least within media circles. Remember the ‘controversy’ surrounding whether or not Isaiah Washington called another member of the Grey’s Anatomy cast a “faggot”? At the time, many in the media were replacing faggot with F-Word; I tuned in to the (so-called) news halfway through the story, and thought that Washington had called the other guy a “fuck,” or maybe a “fucker.”

It wasn’t until the head of one anti-defamation society or another popped up on the screen to decry Washington’s alleged homophobia that I realized what was going on.

If this keeps up, we’ll be spending half our time decoding each other’s speech. Can you imagine what the average hardcore DVD cover will look like?

“See nasty little B-Words S-Wording and F-Wording HUGE C-Words!”

Luckily, the porn industry is about the last place you will see the influence of political correctness take root. Any industry that tolerates an Asian bondage flick called “Slope On A Rope” (a Totally Tasteless Video title, for those keeping score at home) probably won’t adopt the [Letter]-Word substitution any time soon.

And some people say there’s nothing good about porn....