Ghost in the Machine

Joe D

You know the President doesn’t write his own speeches, right? …And you know that most documents coming out of a corporation aren’t actually written by the CEO or some manager? Of course not—they have specialists to do that sort of thing. There is nothing sleazy or illegitimate about “ghost writing.” Some people are good at balance sheets, marketing, or programming. Others are good at copywriting or any other kind of writing…

Webmasters should exploit blogs more effectively. Mainstream industries are leading the way because early on they saw blogging as a valuable way of getting their product in front of potential customers, so many hired professional bloggers. Large multi-national corporations now have staff positions for people who do nothing but blog. Should you do the same?

Outsourcing the task of writing your article copy is the same as outsourcing any other task to a specialist. And, in the same way, it’s you who determines the specification of what’s to be done (in this case, what you want to say). Also, it’s usual to outsource only as much of the job as necessary. For example, you may want a finished article right off the rack or you may have your article basically finished and just need it “cleaned up” a bit. Or, you may just have a set of scribbled notes that need to be transformed into a readable article, or some accompanying graphs or charts created.

Whatever you need, most of the industry resource businesses specialized in writing also do webmaster articles or ghost writing along with text stories, research, statistical analysis, copywriting, marketing text, proofreading, and the like:

  • Sex Story Text (http://www.sex-story-text.com). Providers of a full range of written text including articles, erotic stories, product reviews, blog entries, as well as an erotic story magazine.

  • Webmaster Labor (http://www.webmasterlabor.com). Offers writing services, site content editing, custom research, traffic-generation. They specialize in tasks that cannot be automated and which require human analysis and input.

  • Wet Words (http://www.wetwords.com). Anything you can think of that webmasters need on their site, they write—including but not limited to press releases, webmaster articles, and sales text such as pay site tours.

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