A Reason For Being

Jeremy Spencer
I’m excited about starting up here because I will be XBIZ’s first GLBT Editor, a position the company really needed. There’s a world of good GLBT product out there and XBIZ had no one in place to acquire said product. So here I am — and I hope I am able to unite these companies with XBIZ. I have never worked on a writing staff that is as good and as competent as the folks here at XBIZ and the industry is starting to recognize that.

So knock wood and let’s dig in.

This blog will consist of many things: First, I have been reviewing gay movies for 10 years now, and XBIZ doesn’t do reviews in the mag (which, in my opinion, is smart), so, I have decided that I would still chime in my two cents worth. I’ve always been a fair reviewer and I’m still a huge fan of gay porn. I love seeing what the creative minds in this industry will come up with next.

Second, I’ll use this blog to talk about hot button topics, issues, all that fun stuff — as it pertains to the GLBT industry. Basically, I’ll comment on all the drama.

Third, I like to ramble and when I get started on a roll, you’d need a freight train to derail me. I’m one of those people who, if I don’t get the words out, they will be lost in my memory until quite the inopportune time. And by then, well, who cares anymore? It is my hope that those entries will be few and far between — but since I’m an editor, I guess I could edit it down to something cohesive, but where’s the fun in that?


The first step in showing the GLBT industry that XBIZ is paying them attention is the addition of several GLBT Categories in this year’s XBIZ Awards.

The categories include:

GLBT Web Company of the Year

GLBT Studio of the Year

GLBT Feature Movie of the Year

GLBT Director of the Year

GLBT Performer of the Year

Lifetime Achievement: GLBT Performer

The latter five categories have been added this year and several of them can be voted on by the industry themselves, so if you’re industry — head on over to the XBIZ Awards site and submit your nominees! It is my hope that, as the awards show and the GLBT sections grow, so will the GLBT categories.

The only way we can get bigger is with your help.


I’m trying to reconnect with a lot of people in the industry through this position. I want to show the GLBT industry that XBIZ is dedicated to them and are willing to prove that dedication. I’m determined to turn the GLBT section for both XBIZ magazines into THE place for the GLBT industry to go. It’s going to take a little time — but we have the resources and the drive — and we will hopefully have the industry’s support, as well.

So if you are reading this and would like to be represented in XBIZ, please send an email or press releases to Jeremy@xbiz.com or editors@xbiz.com

I really care about this industry — and most of the people in it — and it is my intention to build up and strengthen the GLBT presence at XBIZ into something we can all be proud of.