Hi Everybody

Jeremy Spencer
As Dr. Nick on “The Simpsons” likes to say: “Hi, everybahdy!”

Let me briefly explain just who the hell I am — my name is Jeremy Spencer and I am the new GLBT Editor for XBIZ magazine. I have been in the gay adult industry for almost 10 years — I started in 1998 as a freelance reviewer with Gay Chicago magazine then became Gay/Bi Managing Editor for AVN/GayVN. I left there in 2003 and the following year started up Adonis Pictures, which is still around — no matter how hard my partner has been trying to sink it.

So I believe I offer a unique experience to the gay adult world — I’ve been a writer, a reviewer, a producer, a production manager, I’ve dealt with marketing and promotion and blah blah blah.

Now I’m back doing what (I’m told) I do best: writing and editing.

So. We’ll see how that goes….