Will 2257 Inspections Continue?

Tom Hymes
A still running XBIZ poll asking people if they think 2257 inspections will continue, even though the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down the record keeping regulations as facially unconstitutional, shows that thus far about 75% of the responders believe the FBI will continue to inspect.

I don't.

I think the FBI would be ill-advised to continue inspecting even primary producers with such a devastating ruling hanging over their heads. Add to that the fact that the Department of Justice is still in a state of dysfunction, apparently unable to decide how they're going to react to this ruling, and law enforcement is pretty much paralyzed at this point in time.

I could be wrong, but we haven't seen any inspections since that ruling came down October 23rd, and they had been happening pretty regularly.

No, we ain't out of the woods, but the sun is shining through the branches.