Country Snapshot: Switzerland

Marc Jarrett
Located in the heart of Europe but constitutionally independent from it, Switzerland is perhaps best known for chocolate, watches, cuckoo clocks, ridiculously punctual public transportation and the once-secretive banking system.

Switzerland is landlocked and bordered by Germany, France, Italy and Liechtenstein. Since it is not part of the European Union, passports still need to be shown when entering across its numerous borders.

It is a federal republic consisting of 26 states known as cantons. The capital is Berne, although the cities of Geneva and Zürich are better known to the world outside.

Switzerland has about 7.5 million inhabitants, of which 67.8 percent are online, according to

This market of some 5 million potential customers is perhaps more challenging than most due to the multilingual elements — German, French and Italian will all need to be served if you want to communicate with all Swiss surfers.

While credit card penetration there is quite high, as a people they are quite a conservative lot, as are their German and Austrian neighbors next door.

This is why our Password-By-Phone phone billing is working so well there. Swiss surfers are able to pay for trials without leaving a digital one. And since they pay 4.23 Swiss francs per minute to order their password, we can pay webmasters $5.80 per password sold with flexible access times as dictated by you.

The Swiss are reliable payers, with chargebacks via payment this way practically unheard of. It may not be the world’s largest market, but it is almost certainly one of the world’s most affluent one.

By not going the extra mile and communicating with Swiss surfers in a language they understand, you will be depriving yourself of money made in Switzerland both now and for many years to come.


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