How Fake Sex Became Real

Marc Jarrett
Across Europe and Asia, the humble mobile has in recent years evolved into an all-around information and entertainment center and now rates as a "must have" item when out and about – along with the wallet, purse or keys.

With camphone penetration at an all-time high, the whole concept of phone sex is being turned on its head, with a wide range of new services emerging that satiate the carnal desires of both voyeurs and exhibitionists alike.

In the online world, adult consumers quickly grew tired of Hollywood-style, "factory" porn and started seeking out "reality" sites, the growth of which has been fueled by the widespread availability of videocams. Live cam sex has flourished, but historically these services require a fixed-line, Internet-enabled PC.

Not anymore. Enter the mobile – fake sex just got a whole lot realer.

With mobile, the end user actually gets what he wants, with customers becoming the actors. Mobile technology now allows anyone with a camphone to instantly become a global porn star/starlet by allowing him to publish his pictures to a global audience in a matter of minutes.

Suddenly, the concept of "the girl next door" has taken on a whole new twist: Camphone owners can now participate in the new phenomena of "photo blogging." The excitement lies in the fact that this is real, and the participants could be anywhere – half-way around the world or even next door, all in real time without a single wire in site.

What's more, the new Bluetooth-enabled mobile handsets have sown the seeds of an exciting sexual activity called "toothing." It's the newest craze in flirting and chat that has mobile phone users "toothing up" for the prospect of anonymous sexual encounters or new romances in the most unexpected places.

The highly popular SMS chat services continue to flourish, and MMS chat services are beginning to appear, whereby you will be able to see "Sexy Susie." After all, a picture says more than a thousand text massages, and as such, "personal porn" just keeps getting better.

The mobile network operators continue to spend millions of dollars persuading us to buy 3G handsets, which, among other things, will support live media streaming. This means that you will be able to see and interact with "Susie" in real time, any time, any place.

So the metamorphism is now complete - your mobile is fertile and ready to be "sexed up" for your personal portable pleasure.

Welcome to the mobile Internet – "erotica to go" has arrived.