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In the past four years, PussyCash has shown an increase in profits for every quarter. The Cyprus-based company started out 11 years ago as an affiliate program, but since then it has branched out into dating sites, content sites and most importantly, an interactive site called To the people inside the PussyCash group this diversification has been the key to that four-year run of success.

"We can't believe it but it's there," said Yuval K, special products consultant for PussyCash. "We're working very hard to get the best products out there. We have a very large development team inside the company, so we're constantly improving the technology on the sites as well as the content."

Although Yuval is fairly new to PussyCash and the adult industry in general — he had a legal background before joining the group two years ago — it's no mystery to him why affiliates flock to and stay with the firm. He said it's all about treating the webmasters better than anyone else.

"The one thing you can say about us is the generosity that we have for our affiliates," Yuval said. "I think they know that we appreciate their work and this is why they stay loyal. They see us as their partners.

"This week we're giving away a Porsche to our top affiliate. This will be the fifth car that we've given away in two years. We also have given thousands of other prizes like small cash rewards, which we do twice a month. This generosity gives affiliates reason to believe that it's good to stay loyal to our system. We give the highest payouts in the industry, by far. It really increases the loyalty of the webmasters and this is the strongest aspect of PussyCash."

In return, the webmasters keep giving traffic to PussyCash and it's always increasing, according to Yuval, who adds that affiliate loyalty has a lot to do with the firm's dependability over the years.

"The affiliates know that we're a very trustworthy company," he said. "They know we always pay on time, which is probably the most important thing for an affiliate. We give them the highest payouts and we're very creative with the presents we give and with our promo tools."

Promo Tools
Among those promotional tools are the video banners PussyCash has placed on its brand new Celebrity Porn Star Channel, which allows affiliates to promote a specific porn star easily. The new channel is part of the hugely successful site, and allows the stars to go online whenever they choose, so that members can both see them and chat with them.

"People like to talk one-on-one with their favorite stars," Yuval said. "And for the stars, many of them are trying something that they have never done before. They're learning that they have a very big number of online fans. And for every star who joins the channel, we do that special promotion feature with video banners.

"We recently added a feature where you can talk with one girl in a video chat, but you can talk with two at a time — with one being in New York, for example, and the other being in Amsterdam, while you are, say, in Russia. All three of you can see each other. We call this new feature, 'Better Together.'"

The idea for the new Celebrity Porn Star Channel began early this year, when ImLive started promoting onetime "Four Star" events with performers like Tera Patrick, Ron Jeremy, Jenna Haze, Joanna Angel and others. It was an instant success, and when the decision-makers at ImLive saw the demand for more of the same among its online members they started the ongoing star performer channel.

"Soon we'll add Belladonna and some of the biggest studios," Yuval said. "The channel is just one of the many inside ImLive, which also includes an amateur channel, a girl-girl channel, a she-male channel and many others. "The Internet is changing so we're always working to improve the site. We've added a lot of features, not just the B2C additions but B2B features, too."

The additions have turned ImLive into one of the major success stories in online adult entertainment. The site is on the verge of adding its 10 millionth member, according to Yuval, who maintains that ImLive averages about 12,000 new members each day.

"We just created the 'Four Star Jenna,' and that's getting a huge response, both from the members and from the offline community," he said.

The growth has enabled PussyCash to open offices in London, New York and Tel Aviv, in addition to its main office in Cyprus.

"Cyprus has been very good to us," Yuval said. "It's a nice place with nice weather."


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