Web 2.0 Mutterings......

Colin Rowntree
God, just when I thought we had it all figured out as far as driving traffic around the web, along comes "web 2.0" - that mysterious set of new "Myspace" and "Tube" features that are sucking up more free "looky-look" traffic than The Hun it would seem, with conversions being even more of a challenge!

Although it's all fascinating to watch, my main gripe is the amount of infrastructure that needs to be added to paysites to attract this traffic. Last time I checked, over the past 6 months I have added a team of 6 dudes in Albania to manage web 2.0 postings, 4 friendly boys from Manilla to hand 2.0 SEO in the new terrain, and an unusual set of 8 ladies from South Africa that do nothing all day but spew blog postings about what fun they had last night experimenting with butt plugs and electro-stimulation! Oh, let's not forget about my in-house employee that writes erotic poetry all day to submit to Yahoo Groups! God! And I thought TGP's were a pain in the ass!

I did, however, come across what I would say is about the best platform I've seen recently released today. The fine folks at AEBN have launched a beta version of a social networking site for the "Kink" surfers and webmasters called Social Kink

But, aside from that sunny note (which I suspect I am going to have to hire and assign a new staff person to manage), web 2.0 is just a pain in my ass. Maybe I can just give my traffic managers that handle google, Yahoo, AOL, etc paid inclusions my credit card and tell them to "go for it"? Sigh.......