12 Tips for Paysite Tour Design

Stephen Yagielowicz
I found these brief notes on paysite tour design while going through one of my digital “scrap boxes” and thought I would share them with you.

I might have taken these notes at one online adult industry design seminar or another – but it was at least several years ago; and I can’t tell you where or when it was or who was speaking… Of course, I might have written them myself; since much of this is what I’ve always done – except being a control freak, I tend to specify font size rather than leave it up to a literal “+1” sizing. Who knows? Just enjoy these tips for what they’re worth:

  • Have one goal per page: to keep users clicking through to the “join” page.

  • Ask for the sale over and over again.

  • Your “next page” and “click here to join” buttons should be beveled graphics.

  • Use MouseOvers to show action.

  • Use “next” buttons on the top and bottom right of each tour page.

  • Have at least one “join” button per page and make sure it stands out.

  • Put text on left, pics on right.

  • Start each page with font size="+1" text.

  • Make sales text catchy and use it to highlight tour pics.

  • Use good pics with the eyes looking at you and keep graphics to a minimum.

  • Make “join” pages simple and to the point; with beveled or radio buttons for links.

  • Provide a brief overview of the pics, videos, special features and bonus materials.

I have some code and a few other goodies in my files that I think some of you would be interested in, so stay tuned for more!