Chameleon Submitter 3.0

Stephen Yagielowicz
Traffic: It's one of the common denominators at the bottom of every successful webmaster's list of needs. And I say "successful webmaster" because without an ongoing and ever-increasing flow of fresh traffic to your website, success will rarely be possible.

But how do you obtain this increasingly elusive commodity so desperately required for e-commerce success? In the sphere of online adult entertainment, one of today's inescapable realities is that TGPs and MGPs are where a great deal of the traffic is found, and where you must invest a certain level of your resources if you want a share of it.

While some larger operators might opt to either purchase TGP traffic outright, or to use the paid, guaranteed placement services of a company such as CyberCat, for many webmasters, building and submitting photo and/or video galleries to multiple post sites is a necessity.

Whether the goal is to drive surfers to your own site or to a sponsor's site, the process of identifying relevant niche-targeted gallery post sites that will accept the type of gallery you have is an incredibly tiresome and time consuming process – and a process begging for effective automation.

This is where Chameleon Submitter comes in. Now in its third full release, the XBiz Award-nominated Chameleon Submitter has become arguably the top product in its class. While other gallery submitting solutions exist, when the topic of "which submission script to use" comes up on adult webmaster message boards, Chameleon Submitter is typically the most mentioned, and most highly praised solution.

While I am not a frequent gallery submitter, I did have a chance to try the previous version of Chameleon Submitter and I was impressed with its ease of installation, weekly submission database updates and the overall speed and simplicity of the submission process when using this tool. As I had no problems with the old version, and found it to be reasonably complete in its offerings, I was quite curious as to what improvements were made that would justify a new release. So when version 3.0 hit the market, I upgraded my installation to give it a try.

The first thing that I noticed during the upgrade process was that the company had a new and improved website that offered enhanced client support (including a webmaster forum), plus more product information. Once I logged on to the website, I had the option of downloading the new software, as well as seeing my submission history, and more. On the download page I was given a new serial number, and then I downloaded the updated software. Installation of the update was as simple as my initial installation, and I was not required to uninstall the previous version before updating, thus my data was imported from the old database when I first ran the program – an especially useful feature for those who have added their own list of sites to the submission database.

Upon running the software, the first thing that I noticed was its new Windows XP-style interface, which gives the program a more modern look, along with a tool bar button that allows you to minimize the program to your computer's system tray. The layout of the program's various tabbed interface screens (eight in all, covering each step of the process) seemed familiar enough, but with subtle (and not so subtle) enhancements.

One of the most noticeable improvements on the gallery information screen was the addition of "2257" URL support – a necessary but all too often overlooked consideration when working with galleries. Users are also now able to select up to six categories from a list of over 190 content categories to submit to, with improved support for multiple gallery descriptions also being provided.

The sample thumbnail auto-cropping tool has also been upgraded, providing a real-time preview feature and allowing you to set the quality, sharpness, brightness, and contrast settings before the sample thumbnails are created.

Creating custom reciprocal link tables, and placing them where you want them so as to mitigate their impact on your gallery's design is a major consideration for many webmasters, and the new version of Chameleon Submitter eases the process by allowing you to select any spot on your gallery to place reciprocal links by simply inserting a custom tag within your gallery's HTML. Don't like the way your new recip table came out? One click of a new button will return you to using the default template, while the new "test" button allows for the easy verification of recip links.

While there are many more new or improved features, these are the ones that I found most noticeable – and useful.

In the final analysis, for adult websites in need of a traffic boost, submitting galleries is a necessary, and potentially quite profitable, exercise. Chameleon Submitter 3.0 provides an easy-to-use, time-saving tool that allows busy webmasters to quickly submit their galleries to as many of the most relevant TGPs and MGPs as possible.