Picking Your Niche

Stephen Yagielowicz
Recently, XBIZ World magazine asked several industry players, "If you had to choose only one type of niche content to market/sell, what would it be?"

Here's what they had to say:

If I could only choose one niche to promote, it would be a micro-niche, such as balloons, voyeur cams, midgets, hairy women, crack whores, latex, etc. I may not even be turned on by my chosen micro-niche, but I know there are communities of fetishists out there who are very turned on by it. They have their own forums, groups, meet and greets, and they can never find enough porn to keep them satisfied. The market may not be huge, but with only one niche to promote, micro-niches are an easy sell with less competition. Keep the members satisfied and they'll rebill month after month.
— Danny Collins, VoyeurDorm Cash

Dealing with the marketing of gay sites firsthand, I would have to say that the "Gay for Pay" straight-guy niche would have to be the one niche that I would choose to promote. Twinks had their day in the sun, but the concept of straight guys getting their first blowjob or topping a gay bottom is a turn-on for many and has existed for some time and [is] making a comeback. The straight-guy niche can also be created using multiple themes; from college frat guys to the businessman walking down the street. This rising niche is a hot commodity and is a great way for straight programs to get in on the gay market, and the money that can be made there.
— Juan Figueroa, Director of Affiliate Relations, PrideBucks

We would go with the cumshot/bukkake niche. With our three Brandon Iron sites, ClubPeterNorth and others, we believe Braincash should be the first sponsor to come to mind when promoting that niche. We have the best sites to promote that niche, and stats don't lie — conversion is amazing. No wonder MGPs like SpermShack.com have our products all over them.
— Pat L., Sales and Marketing Director, Braincash

I'm a big believer in the "obtainable" woman. The hot-girl-next-door type will always be in demand. It's a believable fantasy for us regular guys to hookup with one of them. Not saying it happens all the time, but we've all got at least a few good memories of those amazing women you could've met at work, the grocery store or coffee shop. So it becomes more likely that we can suspend disbelief and put ourselves in the scene instead of the male talent. Either that or interracial midget double-penetration creampie.
— Matt Kochtosten, Producer, Pink Visual Productions

With niches becoming quickly inundated, I would promote a unique niche. Unique niches are met with less competition while offering members content that cannot be found anywhere else. This content is not only unique from the subject or classification but more so because it has a certain creativity that both webmasters and surfers can really tap into and appreciate. Unique isn't necessarily a micro-niche like sucking toes, but more so can apply to the quality or style of the content. An example of this unique would be taking the gonzo-niche offline concepts and re-purposing the idea by having footage with close-ups while creating the sense of being part of the action. To advance to and remain in the forefront of marketing, offering a mixture of unique content to create a truly exclusive customer experience is a must.
— Janell, Affiliate Manager, XMoney