Bittorrents a four letter word?

Torrentspy is in the news due to the lawsuit from MPAA on their charges of contributory infringement.

Many people on the sidelines are sharing their viewpoints on the good and bad of torrents.

Alot of the content on torrents is illegal stuff, but there are certainly legitimate content on there.

The reason why "legal" torrents are great for bands, people sharing video, is because it reduces bandwidth costs.

The problem is that when people are sharing "legal" files (from their desktop computer), they are doing so against the TOS of cable/dsl providers, who have it in their clause about running "servers".

Some ISP have blocked known ports for p2p and torrents. There is always workarounds for those trying to get through, but look out for the day when the cable company and DSL providers enforce their TOS issues.

Fagetabout bittorrent servers hosted overseas, its the last-leg that is the most vulnerable.

Look at "net neutrality" at what the cable/dsl providers were trying to do.

If cable/dsl wanted to not cry foul that people are eating up their bandwidth, then they will just start to charge more for higher upstreams.

Let economics decide who is going to pay for the "sharing".

Fight the free lunches!