Ashley Blue channels Belladonna

Gram Ponante
Recently I visited the set of Belladonna Entertainment's Odd Jobs 3, a "blowjob, handjob, and footjob" movie. Today's scene featured Steve Taylor and Ashley Blue.

Belladonna and Ashley Blue are often thought of as the most graphic and outrageous women in porn. Yet they are America's Sweethearts.

The location was on the Porn Valley side of Laurel Canyon Blvd. Blue talked about a house up the hill that fell down the mountain during the rains two years ago.

"I did my first interracial scene in that house," she said. I hadn't known that was a porn house. Of all the pictures taken of the famous house that fell down the hill, I don't remember any mentions of its porn celebrity. I can imagine an L.A. Daily News piece on "The House that Porn Made Fall Down the Hill".

As the cast prepared, Belladonna talked about what we can learn from celebrity.

"I had sex with a celebrity," she said, "and I got an STD from it. I called the guy and he didn't know what chlamydia was."

"Who was he?" Blue asked.

"He was a rock guy," Belladonna said. "I told him I had an STD and he asked what an STD was."

"I'm sure he knew what crabs were," Taylor said.

I mentioned that buying a bass guitar in Los Angeles County comes with a free case of crabs.

But Bella allowed that, despite the musician's lack of knowledge of the chlamydia that he had, he didn't freak out when she started her period on his bed.

"He said, 'The maids will take care of it'," she said. "I thought that was cool." But will the maid take care of his chlamydia??

It may surprise you that the premise for some porn movies is very thin, and is sometimes arrived at mere seconds before shooting.

"You're a pizza guy," suggested Aiden, the director and Belladonna's husband. "You say, 'Pizza delivery' and then you deliver it."

This plan was scrapped when Belladonna revealed that she had thrown away the pizza box.

Then it was suggested that Taylor be an adult journalist and I would be his photographer. Taylor would demand a blowjob from Blue in order to kickstart her career with his media connections.

It was at this point that the ideas began flowing fast and furious, because we all felt we knew this character.

"Right!" Blue said to Taylor. "And you're a failure and your own career isn't what you want it to be, so you take it out on porn girls by acting better than them. You're like, 'What will you do after porno?' - "

I suggested, "And ask questions like, 'And how ashamed of yourself are you?'"

Blue continued, "Yeah, and you're like, 'Didn't you ever want to be a real actress?'"

We felt the reality of these characters coursing through us.

As Konstantin Stanislavsky said, “What is important to me is not the truth outside myself, but the truth within myself.”

"Usually no one sees my face in a movie like this," said Taylor, who has been a performer for 12 years. "Usually it's my dick entering from the left side of the frame."

(Or the right side, if the blowjob is in Hebrew.)

But with this setup we felt we could all organically move within our characters and breathe some real life into them. For my part, I spoke with an Australian accent.

I watched from a balcony with Belladonna as the blowjob scene unfolded below.

"You're getting a real fetish blowjob," Blue improvised to Taylor, the adult journalist. "My private clients would pay two thousand dollars for this."

Aiden decreed that there had to be 33 percent hands, 33 percent feet, and 33 percent mouth in the scene, which will debut on EnterBelladonna.com and then be released to DVD.

"Wait a minute," Blue's character said. "I can't put my mouth on your cock. I haven't seen your (HIV) test."

"Oh, we can call and get the results afterward," Taylor said without hesistation. Just like real life!!

None of Blue's clothes came off in the scene. She mentioned that her partner, the photographer Dave Naz, who shoots for a lot of fetish magazines and sites, says people who are truly into legs, or feet, or breasts - whatever the fetish is - often don't care to see any other part of the performer's body.

I find this abhorrent, but then I am narrow-minded. I also can't understand people who don't drink.

Blue and Taylor improvised paragraphs of dialogue about a naive porn star who believes that blowing a disreputable adult journalist will help her career.

"I've helped hundreds of girls," Taylor said, and then: "You're making a mess."

"Oh, I'll have the maids clean it up."

Soon after, Taylor was allowed to pop.

"Cool," Blue said.

Afterward, I asked Belladonna and Blue which of them was the Dirtier. Each nominated the other, but they eventually decided on Blue. I asked them to pose as if Blue had said something shocking, but in reality both were very wholesome.

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See also: Belladonna, Dave Naz (and Ashley Blue's blog thereon. Of her dog, she says, "I love him so much it is almost homicidal.")

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