Ryder Skye's the (11") limit

Gram Ponante
Ryder Skye has now done two boy/girl scenes, having started her porn career as a Girls Only performer on Easter.

It used to be that the trajectory of a female porn performer followed a few patterns, 1.) Enter as dirty as possible and balance the risk of being overexposed (literally) and "shot out" with the appeal and fast cash that being a teenager who will do anything provides; 2.) Arrive as a Girls Only performer (or as a package deal with your boyfriend) and slowly progress through several stages, including Boy/Girl with someone else (cue soul-searching, leaving the business temporarily, breakup with boyfriend, return to the adult business), Bukkake, Gang Bang, Anal (and why is Anal always the final frontier? I'd say a JM Productions' "American Bukkake" with a bunch of Metro conductors and guys who sell oranges by the freeway who were paid $50 really is the limit); or 3.) Just show up with no plan and see what happens.

Skye's first Boy/Girl scene was in a movie called Manaconda.

"They didn't tell me over the phone the guy was 11" long," she said.

"Well, with a title like Manaconda..."


"You look OK now," I said (though Skye wuld have to try hard to look bad if she fell out of a moving car).

"The next scene was a little easier," she said. "It was for a movie called Bus Stop Whores."

This surprised me, because if, in general, guys with little dicks drive Hummers, it would stand to reason that Skye might encounter another wielder of 11" using public transportation. This very morning I took the bus, for example.

Only when one's parts are freakishly huge in porn should the movie's title reference them, and even when that huge part belongs to a guy, it might alienate sections of the porn-buying public if the title is man-part-centric.

But Manaconda is a clever title.

Manfred Mann's Earth Band is not.

Skye went from virginal (for porn) to Manaconda in about two months (depending on when Easter is). That is about par for the course. I would be displeased if you called her Easy.

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