Lorelei Lee on breaking the fourth wall

Gram Ponante
As you know, I am a trained thespian. That is why I was shocked to see Lorelei Lee break character in a recent scene between herself, Adrianna Nicole, and Tommy Pistol.

Lee plays the victim of a two-timing boyfriend and her role calls for her to bust in on Pistol and Nicole at the designated time.

"You cad!" she says.

"Did you call me a cow?" Pistol asked.

At this point, and with the world watching, Lee smiled, half-looked at the camera, and continued her scene.

I asked the 2006 Also-Ranny winner how an audience was supposed to go along with her on that journey, once she had betrayed its trust.

"When Tommy Pistol stood up and asked if I'd called him a cow," she explained, "it was so unexpected, I just genuinely cracked up. I thought they were going to cut, but they just kept rolling."

That's right. Blame the director. It's like what Michael Caine did in Jaws 4: The Revenge.

Regardless of this outrage, I liked the movie, Naughty Flipside, a lot. It was often very silly.

"I like to watch people acting silly too," Lee said. "I think laughing during sex is just as good as crying during sex."

GP: Crying? Like "You don't love me anympore" crying?

LL: Okay, I know there are people who don't like either of those things, but if you think about it, sex is all about release anyway, right?

GP: Well, for me it's about creating a robot army.

LL: I mean, maybe not for everyone - I know there are plenty of people (some tops, some women) who have sex without orgasm as the primary goal - there's something to be said for having that kind of sex too, occasionally.

GP: Can the thing that can be said about it be "Oye Como Va"?

LL: I'm gonna stick with my statement anyway - for me, sex is all about release, and laughing (or sometimes crying) can be incredibly satisfying and make for better orgasms. As long as I'm laughing with the person I'm fucking rather than at them - laughing at doesn't so much work for me.

Read the review of Naughty Flipside here.

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