Male performers protest L.A. Direct Models' discrimination

Gram Ponante
Talent agency L.A. Direct Models, which recently instituted a "Girl of the Month" award, is under attack by some members of its male talent roster for "creating an environment in which women are alone singled out for praise."

L.A. Direct has recognized Alexis Love and Harmony in recent months, granting them their own "Girl of the Month" interview pages.

"All (the women) have to do is lie there; we do all the work," said one disgruntled porn stud. "You ever try to fake a pop shot, dude? Can't be done."

"He's right, Bro," agreed his good buddy, exchanging high fives with him over a woman they'd just DP'd, one high heel hanging off, checking her MySpace on a Sidekick and paying no attention. "We're lucky if she looks us in the eye. That's why I wear sunglasses all the time; I can't stand the rejection."

L.A. Direct Models currently lists 25 male performers and almost 120 females.

Male performers tend to make, at most, 60 percent of what their female scene partners earn. Furthermore, one actor said, "We've got to drive ourselves to the set, we've got to take care of our own Viagra, and the directors bitch at us if we're not hard all 16 hours they might or might not use us on a set."

He paused at a table full of enemas, douches, and Diet Pepsi.

"You think we even get a little gift basket of body spray? Fuck No. I had to buy my own breath mints before I came here today."

L.A. Direct Models owner Derek Hay was outraged at the charge.

"The L.A. Direct Lion does not stand for discrimination," he didn't say. "The L.A. Direct Lion rears on its hind legs and spits at discrimination {unintelligible} That's a camel? {unintelligible}. Well, the L.A. Direct Lion doesn't like it either."

He said he is considering opening the Girl of the Month category to men.

"But they'll have to buy their own fucking trophies," he said.

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